Resilience Funds

Why does one company turn itself around just as another shutters its doors? Can an organization that has been stagnant become a vehicle for tremendous growth?

Resilience Capital Partners has a proven method that not only pivots companies toward success but also instills within them long-term staying power. And while metrics are an important indicator of success, our reputation has been built on relationships. We make sure that stakeholders at all levels have a renewed sense of resilience. Our goal is to make a positive and enduring impact at all levels..

Investment Philosophy

The Resilience Executive Advisor Network and Resilience Innovation and Technology team is a key competitive advantage for Resilience Capital. These networks and teams consists of more than 50 Advisors who are established business leaders with experience from different industries and regions from around the world.

The Resilience Executive Advisor Network includes CEO’s, industry experts, entrepreneurs, engineers and technologists contributing skills relevant in various ownership phases. They are an integral part of the Resilience investment model and the providing competence on operational and strategic issues in their fields of expertise.

The Executive Advisors also assist in identifying and evaluating attractive investment opportunities, take positions on the portfolio company boards and support development throughout Resilience ownership. Resilience investment professionals and Operating Partners work closely together in the due diligence process is executed in the best possible manner.

Investment Strategy

We invest in high-quality businesses that are hard to replicate and typically have high integrity quality management, attractive cash flow potential, generate excellent returns on re-invested capital and have minimal risk of being disrupted in the near future. Resilience has capital available and is open to any and all investment structures and securities. This transaction approach provides flexibility to accommodate the requirements and needs of businesses, sellers and their advisors. Resilience has raised and advised funds with aggregate capital commitments in excess of $675 million for our global investor base which includes pension funds, insurance companies, foundations and endowments, fund of funds, wealth managers, and investment consultants.

Operating Strategy

We identify operational improvements based on a portfolio company’s strengths, weaknesses, and competitive position. We follow a structured process that has contributed to our success.

Portfolio Oversight and Governance

Resilience applies best corporate practices to all portfolio companies with clear roles and responsibilities. Once a Resilience portfolio company is acquired, Resilience appoints a Board of Directors with a Chairman, generally a Resilience Executive Advisor, supported by other sector/industry specialists from the Resilience Network and the Resilience partners responsible for monitoring the portfolio company. The Board of Directors defines and monitors strategic plans in the portfolio companies and ensures that management gets the relevant support and resources to implement these and to run the company in an efficient, responsible and accountable manner.