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How can an organization that has been stagnant become a vehicle for tremendous growth? The answers are not always obvious, and each challeng is unique. Resilience Capital Partners has a proven method that only pivots companies toward success but also instills within them longterm endurance and resilience.

As part of our structured process, we ask questions, gather data, analyze and develop profiles of companies that are deep and rich in understanding. It allows us to be helpful partners, with a detailed value-creation plan for immediate implementation. These efforts have produced powerful results.

With headquarters in Cleveland, Resilience Capital Partners has developed a presence throughout North America. We target companies with $25 to $250 million revenue that are looking for large-company resources.

And we don’t swoop in, implement draconian change and then quickly exit to earn a return at the expense of long-term success of the business. We take a personal interest in all the companies we work with. We make sure that stakeholders at all levels have a renewed sense of resilience. Our goal is to make an enduring impact.

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