Tony PyrosStrategic Advisor

    Tony Pyros played the pivotal role in making several founders and co-angels hundreds of millions of $s each by composing seed rounds for AI-enabled startups now greater than $4B in enterprise value in various trillion-dollar industries.

    Now turned institutional VC for Gammite Ventures, he loves helping founders innovate and scale to benefit the lives of hundreds of thousands like some of his earlier, personal investments.

    From assisting immigrants to come to study in North America by investing in the pre-seed round of ApplyBoard (valuation >$3.7B) or by enabling salespeople to earn more $s for their families by spearheading the Seamless AI seed round, helping people innovate and fund the launch of new products and services has become a calling for Tony Pyros.

    Resilience Capital noticed these sets of skills several years ago and welcomed Tony to the Technology and Innovation Team to help portfolio companies innovate and become technology leaders in their respective industries.

    Tony comes from a background of product innovation in aerospace, defense, medical equipment, industrial technologies, consumer electronics, energy & power electronics, lighting, controls, and wireless (IoT applications). In addition to advising and investing in several technology startups through Gammite Ventures, Tony is on the board of directors at several companies, including RCP portfolio companies LKD Aerospace and Gladiator Technologies.

    Since graduating from The Ohio State University College of Engineering, he’s spent 15 years in business development in the electronics design space for hardware, software, and embedded firmware projects. He has been representing companies like Honeywell, Panasonic, Vicor, and Laird Technologies to create strategic partnerships and aid companies (both public and private) in B2B sales, design, strategic sourcing, and electronics manufacturing.