Thermal Solutions Manufacturing

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Platform: Thermal Solutions Manufacturing
Add-On: R&D

Headquarters: Nashville, TN
Industry: Aftermarket Heat Exchange
Transaction type: Corporate Divestiture
Date of investment: February 2012
Investor: Resilience Fund III

Thermal Solutions Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer and distributor of heavy duty and light truck heat exchange and temperature control products for the aftermarket and OEM off-road, on highway and industrial end markets. The company has eight manufacturing facilities and 23 distribution branches located throughout North America supplying radiators, condensers, air coolers and evaporators to multiple customer segments, including installers, commercial distributors, specialty retailers, OEMS and jobbers.

R&D Enterprises

Headquarters: Plymouth, MI
Industry: Aftermarket Heat Exchange
Transaction Type: Private Sale
Date of Investment: September 2012
Investor: Resilience Fund III

R&D Enterprises is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality engineered oil coolers and heat exchangers that meet industries' most critical requirements. We supply product worldwide for recreational boats, commercial marine vessels, industrial usage, truck and automotive applications, and agricultural equipment installation.


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