CR Brands

Headquarters: West Chester, OH
Industry: Cleaning Products
Transaction type: Private Sale
Date of investment: September 2012
Investor: Resilience Fund III

Founded in 2000, CR Brands manufactures and markets a focused portfolio of affordable household cleaning and laundry products with superior performance attributes. CR Brands’ products are marketed under the well-known brands Mean

Green, Biz, Oxydol, Pine Power and Magnum Power. Based in West Chester, OH with manufacturing facilities in Spartanburg, SC, CR Brands enjoys national distribution and deep customer relationships with leading retailers such as Dollar General, Family Dollar, Walmart, Target and Kroger. The Company has also partnered with certain customers (e.g. Kroger, Publix) to manufacture a broad assortment of proprietary store brand household cleaning products. Manufacturing facilities include over 100,000 sq ft.


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